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We are fully confident that the state of the art method BBI experts have come up with will contribute to making our plans and offerings very unique in the industry.

There are various materials used during the enrollment process that help both our clients and brokers to understand and present the plans better. In addition, BBI has developed multiple enrollment methods to ensure a quick, accurate and time-efficient enrollment process. You can see the enrollment submission details to get a better idea about the technical aspects of this process.  Finally, in order enable our brokers to follow-up on the enrollment results and present the clients with those results, BBI provides post-enrollment reports to the brokers.


  • There will be enrollment posters for display at each worksite announcing the new program. These posters will be sent along with other enrollment materials to the employer ahead of time to ensure the timely distribution of information.

  • Enrollment booklets describing the plans being offered will be printed by BBI and sent to the employers. These booklets will clearly describe the available benefits and their respective rates. If NEMO calls are used, these booklets may be in color and are usually printed bilingual (Spanish) using the corporate logos and themes, with the permission of the clients.

  • Endorsement letter is produced by BBI as a prototype letter for the employer to modify, type on their letterhead, and include in the booklets.

  • 1-2 page handouts will be given to all employees with their paycheck to heighten awareness. These employee flyers will include information on how to enroll, the enrollment dates and the necessary contact information in a question and answer format. 

Enrollment methods:
BBI’s preferred method is the Newly Eligible Employee Monthly Outbound (NEMO) Calls, where BBI receives the current eligibility list of the employees from the employer along with the following week’s work schedule. After this information is data entered by BBI professionals, outbound calls are scheduled to all eligible employees at their worksite.  All eligible employees are called one by one until almost all employees are reached and read the scripted review of the benefits and cost. In addition, our enrollment counselors will be ready to answer any questions the employee may have and a file a real-time application if desired by the employee.  When the NEMO Calls method is used, the average participation rate is over 40% with 2+ plans selected per employee enrolled. 

Another method BBI uses is the In-Person Electronic Enrollment. Our own EnrollTrac™ program is loaded on each laptop computer given to our brokers and the brokers will be able to do the in-person enrollment electronically and finalize the process using the signature pads, also provided by BBI. Alternatively, the employees can select their benefits over the Internet by going to the BBI website provided to them, which is set up to permit them to select the benefits desired. In the case that the employee strongly prefers, paper enrollments are also acceptable.

Finally, BBI’s Inbound Counseling Service (ICS) will answer the inbound calls from employees with questions about their benefits and provide counseling help to these employees, while completing the application on the phone.  This is identical to the NEMO Calls, except for the fact that the calls are initiated by the employees, not BBI.

Please note, only NEMO Calls, in-person enrollment and mandatory ICS result in high participation.

Enrollment Submission Details

Regardless of which enrollment method is selected, BBI will:

  • Data enter all applications that are not initially entered into the EnrollTrac™ system.  EnrollTrac™ is capable of designating any field requested as a required field and will perform all edits that any of our carriers require.  If required data is missing from the electronic applications, or some parts of the data does not fit the parameters, then the application cannot be completed, they are pended until completed properly. Likewise, incomplete paper applications will be returned to the employees for completion.

  • Submit all applications electronically to consolidated biller and the carriers.

  • Store all applications on our system for easy retrieval using the following storage parameters:

    • Paper applications will be scanned and stored on our system and can be found by an easy search (EE name and/or SSN).

    • WAV files are attached to electronic apps and stored for easy retrieval

    • Signature pad applications are treated the same as WAV file apps.

Post-Enrollment Reports

BBI will provide brokers with detailed post-enrollment reports for presentation to employees.  These reports will provide demographic information on employee plan selection overall and by company location. They will be reprinted annually and will be used for multiple marketing purposes such as proof of lower turnover rate in employees with benefits compared to those without the benefits.


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